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If you'd like to discuss scheduling a workshop series, don't forget to include:

  • your goal(s) for the workshops

  • how many participants you expect 

  • your target audience (elementary educators? school staff? parents of young children? middle school teachers? etc) 

  • the number of workshops desired (I strongly prefer not to do one-offs as they don't really give us a chance to dive deeply enough or for me to answer questions. Three is the usual number, though I can create content for 2-6)

  • the timeframe for the workshops - when do you want this to happen?

  • your budget - I slide my scale in both directions and take all sorts of things into consideration, but I've promised myself not to take on any pro bono work as we sadly still live in a capitalistic society and I can't pay my rent with changed hearts and minds - as soon as my landlords start accepting that labor as currency, I'll be ready to change! In the meantime, please think about your community and its resources so that we can have an honest and productive conversation.


If you have other requests, that's great too! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Classes begin 2_23 (5).png

Thanks for submitting!

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Classes begin 2_23.png
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