July - August, 2020

This 6-week course will introduce you to the guiding principles of Black Lives Matter, place them in a historical context, and give you tools to discuss them with your students or children.

Course Overview:

There’s more to Black Lives Matter than responding to police brutality. The Thirteen Principles offer a framework for building a more just society, and young children are primed to learn about them. In this six-week course, you’ll learn about U.S. history and how our “peculiar institution” of slavery has reverberations that have echoed for the past 400 years; explore alternatives to the systems that uphold white supremacy; reflect on the roles of allies and accomplices; and, of course, learn about how to talk to your children or students about Black Lives Matter and what they can do to make the world a better place.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we covered:


Session 1 - Get ready for some hard work!


  • Black Lives Matter at School

  • US History and the Social Contract

  • Systems and Why they Matter

The Guiding Principles

Today’s Principles:

  • Collective Value

  • Unapologetically Black

Session 2 - You made it! Let’s do some more!


  • Black Lives Matter at School - Week of Action Demands

  • Policing

Today’s Principles

  • Empathy

  • Diversity

  • Restorative Justice

Session 3 - Intersectionality and Identity


  • Combahee River Collective

  • Gloria Richardson, Audre Lorde, and bell hooks

Today’s Principles

  • Black Women

  • Transgender Affirming

Session 4 - What is a Family?


  • Urban removal

  • Welfare “reform”

Today’s Principles

  • Black Families

  • Intergenerational

Session 5 - Let’s Use Our Imaginations!


  • Imperialism

  • The Myth of American Exceptionalism

  • Black responses - bell hooks, Adrienne Marie Brown

Today’s Principles

  • Loving Engagement

  • Globalism

Session 6 - Dreaming into the Future(s)


  • Octavia Butler warned us

  • What future will our children imagine for themselves?

  • What are the roles of accomplices and allies?

Today’s Principles

  • Queer Affirming

  • Black Villages

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