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I'm available to come to schools (these days, virtually) to work with both teachers and parents. As a verified trainer for Aspire, feel free to contact me about providing professional development or running parent workshops. I work with the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute as a Gender and Sexuality trainer; we currently offer a series of three workshops for professionals, and two for families.

I also offer workshops dealing with strategies for talking to young children about difficult topics, such as race, gender, and sexuality.



I have some limited availability to talk to fellow educators one-on-one. If you want to talk to me about bringing gender and sexuality workshops to your school, or incorporating Black Lives Matter into your curriculum, we can chat.



Working with your child's teacher

It’s the beginning of the school year.  You might have some questions.  How do you enter into your relationship with your child’s teacher? How do you ensure you have an open dialogue with the adult your child spends most of her time with?  How can you prepare for your parent-teacher conferences?  What do you do if you have questions throughout the year?  Your child might spend a significant amount of time away from you, in the care of another adult who will get to know her very well, albeit in a very different way from the way you experience her.  I have some tips for making the relationship with your child’s teacher a rewarding and educational one, and I’m happy to share them.

Beginning of the year

Parent-Teacher Conferences

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